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The 1st Week: Christian’s Time-Traveling Bible Series

The 1st Week is the beginning of a series of biblical and historical adventures of a young boy named Christian traveling through time to witness God’s truth unfold. When Christian cracks open an old Bible found in his attic, he is instantly taken back to God’s creation as recorded in Genesis. The 1st Week teaches children in a fun and adventurous way about the six days God spread out his creation and how important each day is in his design.

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From Too Much Tablet Time To Quoting The Bible: What Playing Lightgliders Did For Our Son!

Lightgliders is an adventure game with a strong Christian foundation. It allowed our son to create character and enter into a world with activities, games, and a safe Christian community. Christian is only five, so he does not know how to interact with other players in the game since you can only chat with approved words and emojis. He also got to pick out three random words for his name: Archer Super Genius, lol. There are so many activities, from mini-games to Bible scripture, that we have only scratched the surface of discovering.

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Creation Is Undeniable By All, Here’s Our Top 5 Resources

Creation is questioned by all humans, but let’s start by saying that Christian’s are saved by accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Period. After being saved you should want live your life as Christlike as you can. We all fall short of living like Jesus, but we are

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The Truth of Very Good Creations

Some people may see the name Very Good Creations and think that we are full of ourselves or self-centered, but in truth we are wretched sinners that try every day to live up to God’s original design for us in the garden. In Genesis, we are told how our Creator brought forth life on day 6. All of the other days ended with God proclaiming that what He created was “good.” Even after He created land animals on the sixth day he stated that what he saw was “good.” Only after creating man and woman did God said what he had made was “very good.”

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