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From Too Much Tablet Time To Quoting The Bible: What Playing Lightgliders Did For Our Son!

Lightgliders is a game that has changed how we view tablet time. Our son, Christian, has an Amazon kids tablet. Like most young parents, we were happy that Amazon provided the Kids+ subscription for the first year for free. Then we started seeing that he had access to an overwhelming selection of games, books, and videos. Also, It turned out that Amazon was promoting apps and books that we did not like Christian using, imagine that.

We ended up canceling the Kids+ subscription and only selecting a handful of apps that he could access. Tablet time was also limited to the weekends because it made it feel special for him and it eliminated the question of “Can I play my tablet now?”

Once we limited the selection of apps on the tablet, it became apparent that we needed to do our research and find games that were fun for him, but also productive and wholesome. I started by searching online for “Christian Games.” I then had to refine it to “Christian Games on a Tablet” because most of the search results were full of trivia games, which are not good for a non-reading five year old. I clicked on all the links, ALL OF THEM, and found one that looked like it would be fun for Christian(5) and even older kids, Lightgliders.

What is Lightgliders?

Lightgliders character

Lightgliders is an adventure game with a strong Christian foundation. It allowed our son to create character and enter into a world with activities, games, and a safe Christian community. Christian is only five, so he does not know how to interact with other players in the game since you can only chat with approved words and emojis. He also got to pick out three random words for his name: Archer Super Genius, lol. There are so many activities, from mini-games to Bible scripture, that we have only scratched the surface of discovering.

One night after work I came home and Christian and I took our dog outside. Christian said to me, “I know a Bible verse that mama didn’t teach me.” Then he quoted Psalm 34:8. I thought that I just didn’t understand what he meant when he said that mama didn’t teach him, since she is the only one that would be teaching him Bible verses. We went back inside and she told me that he learned it by playing Lightgliders.

I was amazed that he had learned multiple Bible verses by playing a Mario style mini-game. In the mini-game he collected small portions of the verse throughout the level. He did fail the level many times, so I guess that helped him hear it over and over. Now he knows Psalm 34:8 and John 3:16 by playing Lightgliders on the weekend.

Lightgliders home screen

Would we recommend Lightgliders? Absolutely! Christian has had a lot of fun leveling up his character and playing the mini-games. While he cannot take advantage of all of the great things the game has to offer with his limited reading skills, he can still play, listen, and watch great Godly content. Zach Fay, the game’s creator, is very involved with the safety of the game and is always sending out emails updating the parents.

The Lightglider monthly calendar is available to everyone and is full of in-game events(link to calendar). This month starts the a series on creation, which you should know is one of my favorite Biblical topics(shameless plug of “The 1st Week”). There are in-game meet-ups in the Lightglider’s academy courtyard where a moderator leads prayer. Each week has a new message and a question of the week. So, there is a lot to do and learn.

Would we recommend Lightgliders?

The only hesitation was the subscription of $6 a month for one child to play, but if you have multiple children it is $10 for up to 5 children. Once we signed up for the free trial and after an hour of tablet time I asked Christian what level he was and he was already level 6. This gave him an exciting game to progress in, while we have a peace of mind knowing that he is not watching some kid on YouTube play with toys… you know what I’m talking about.

We are not affiliated with Lightgliders, but we sure are happy with finding the game and Christian is too. You can play the game on nearly any tablet or on a computer, so give the trial a shot and if you like it just know that the subscription is going to a good cause of building a strong foundation in our children.

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